Sigelei 100 Watt Box Mod

There are very few items to choose from in the 100 Watt box mod category. Sigelei and Pioneer4You make the two most prominent ones with the latter charging a little less depending on where you shop. Still, Sigelei has a bigger reputation than Pioneer4You, which is comforting to vapers. This Sigelei 100 Watt Box Mod Review might lead you to choose their product or not: the differences between them are minute while new mods are released monthly. It won’t be long before the catalogue expands.

Physical Differences

In particular, the buttons on Sigelei and Pioneer4You box mods differ. Pioneer4You uses domed buttons with a small surface area which look like they could be less comfortable to press than those on the Sigelei and less sensitive.

It’s a small point, but when you are paying over $100 for a device and using it every day, even small specifications matter. The on/off button on a Sigelei is big and differs from the up and down buttons to adjust wattage. They are smaller. With the Pioneer4You, there is no difference between button sizes.

Organized Operation

Along one narrow side you will see three buttons and a screen. The screen shows watts in big numbers (if anything this size can be referred to as big”). Watts are on the left while volts are stacked over ohms to the right, followed by a symbol for battery charge to the far right of the screen. This display has been used economically and is easy to read.

Priced Low

Sigelei manages to keep the cost of buying their 100 Watt device below $150 which is a miracle with a few $170 and even $200 mods on the market (many capable of just 30 or 50 watts). Chinese manufacturing is cheaper, of course, and there is a generic quality to the Sigelei’s appearance. This is reinforced when you examine the shape of an iPV3. They are very similar.

Choosing the Battery

It is suggested you insert 30Amp batteries, two of them at a time, which will power this high-tech device to its full. A 50 watt box will manage with one battery, but after that you are forced to stack. This is why 100 and 150 watt mods are sometimes referred to as dual 18650 mods. With this much power and high watt capability, you can manage very low resistance. But it is necessary to build coils below 0.33 ohms to enjoy the 50- to 100-watt range. To ensure you can do this, the Sigelei 100 watt accepts ohms down to 0.15.

Detection Duty

How does your device know when it has reached the necessary ohms to switch into high-watt gear?

Your Sigelei 100 watt, like most box mods, has a built-in chip; firmware in other words. With this upgradeable chip, your mod can detect ohms and use that reading to set voltage according to your preferred wattage. Ohms multiplied by volts equals watts, so to make sure your device is functioning properly the box mod performs algebra: x=watts divided by ohms. If this was a VV e cig, you would have to coordinate ohms and volts yourself.

This chip protects your hardware against damage potentially caused by putting your battery in the opposite way around. Slender vents in the case around the batteries prevent the inside from getting too hot, although overheating can also occur if you press the button too long to vape. In this case, your device will let you know there’s trouble.

Fitting a Tank

The threading accepts 510 tanks and RDAs. Although RBAs (regular rebuildable tank atomizers) work fine, you are in the ideal situation to start using a dripper. Sub-ohms make cloud chasing easier than ever so you will be drawn to RDAs.


Vapros I-Energy

In recent months, Vision has been marketing a new line of products for their consumers who have graduated from Spinner VV batteries to something more powerful. They include the Nunchaku VW battery (18W), the iBox mod (25W), and the V-Spot Atomizer for low-watt vaping with a replaceable vertical dual coil.

As always, these products remain affordable. There are two kits: the 1299 and the Vapros I-Energy which we will be looking at here.

Vision Vapros I-Energy Kit

You might have already heard of the 1299 Kit; a complete e cigarette with a 1650-mAh battery and a 5-ml tank for around $60. Vision’s I-Energy kit looks a bit different and is not quite as powerful at 1600 mAh. That is not a significant difference, however, so you can compare them fairly closely.

An I-Energy e cig is wider, like a mechanical mod: 22 mm. It is fairly long too although not as long as the 1299 when the two parts are combined. Vision reports that the I-Energy battery is 83 mm long while the clearomizer measures 66.8 mm.

It will be noticeable in your hand with a 3.5-ml tank in classy colors like black, steel, or coffee. The idea of a coffee-colored battery strikes me as sophisticated in the extreme; a huge change from their graffiti-style Nunchaku.

You can tell that Vision is aware their audience is wide. While people who do not understand the industry mistake vapers for Hell’s Angels with cobra tattoos or drug addicts puffing on LSD, the reality is they come from all walks of life. Those include the boardroom, the staffroom, and the living room.

More Specs

This is a 1.8-ohm device for low resistance vaping, not sub-ohm clouds. The battery is rated at 4.3V. You charge the I-Energy via a port situated at the very bottom next to a series of little holes that vent the battery whereas the 1299 battery port is located along the side.

With airflow control valve on the I-Energy, the vaper is able to adjust the resistance of his inhalation.

The Power Button

You might think a power button can’t differ from model to model, but it can and it does. An Evod button is flat with the battery’s exterior. Ego buttons are raised. The I-Energy power button takes both roads: raised around the edges but depressed in the center to accept the shape of your finger.

Diagonal Drip Tip

This is not the first time you’ve seen a diagonal glass drip tip and it won’t be the last.

Glass and steel create a clean, subdued appearance. If crisp isn’t your “vision” for vaping and you want more color, there are cowboys, bunny rabbits, skulls, and other drip tips available.

Face it: you didn’t buy an I-Energy to make a spectacle of yourself or your e cig. Buy a brightly colored iStick, Hana Modz DNA 40, or the Nunchaku if that’s what you want. Halo’s Triton series comes in numerous colors. This Vapros device is all about class.

More from Vision

The iNow is another Vision e cig rated 2000 mAh and capable of reaching 40W. For sub-ohm vapers, the lowest resistance is amazing: 0.2 ohms. This $25 battery could rival the Aspire CF and measures just 94 mm by 21 mm. Choose black, stainless, or white.

Nunchaku batteries cost around $35 and provide 18W for 0.4 ohm vaping. This is the colorful series sold in shades like pink, blue, and skull.

Their iBox is a 25W mod resembling an old-fashioned transistor radio. Instead of clinical aluminum or steel, you get black covered in lines and fronted by a big adjustable dial.

In place of a regular set of power buttons, there is a sliding power button for turning the device on and off and you use the dial to select volts or watts. With a V-Spot Atomizer, you can run it at low ohms (not sub-ohm). With an Aspire Atlantis attached, the iBox is good for 0.5 ohms.

Top 5 Box Mods Under $100

Stick within your budget or make room for new mod purchases every few months by ordering items that are affordable but well made. The top 5 box mods under $100 are all very reasonable products and have received enough reviews to help you find the mod that suits what you are looking for precisely.

Our top 5 contains items from Joyetech, Wismec, Innokin, Eleaf, and Laisimo:

Number One: Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC

It’s dark and just a little bit secretive-looking, this Joyetech product. Orientation is unusual in that the screen is front-facing, a central strip like that on the Eleaf Simple but wider and longer.

This is a long, narrow product featuring stainless steel 510 threads, 1W to 150W potential, up to 600F TC capacity, and can support 0.05 ohms minimum resistance.

Two batteries will be required to run this upgradeable set with a slip-on battery door as well as USB charging. Install new firmware for upgrades and enjoy even more of the technical superiority and safety Joyetech is known to supply its customers.

Number Two: Eleaf iStick Simple

A black stripe along the front-center of an iStick Simple is also the screen but when the display is not turned on this is just a stripe with two arrow buttons at the top. There is no Temperature Control mode; nothing surprising: it’s like the name says, simple.

I love that rounded power button and the size which is so sleight you will barely feel its weight in your bag. Make it to 50W with a sub ohm coil. Adjust wattage or voltage. Maybe you can get more power or a lot of other features like TC and TCR settings elsewhere, but this is one of the most popular mods around.

Number Three: Innokin CoolFire IV 40W

This is a sporty little mod from Innokin and a huge departure from the last Cool Fire “grenade.” There are a number of youthful, energetic colors to choose from with this tiny mod for low- to mid-level vapers who aren’t seeking the biggest clouds or the highest output.

For these vapers, 40 watts is plenty of power and they probably won’t use all of it most of the time anyway. Little vent holes let out heat around the battery. The screen turns over if you are left-handed. A battery of 2000mAh has been installed for your convenience.

Number Four: Laisimo S3 200W TC

I like the sleek lines and compact design of this rounded box. It is so modern and different, in part thanks to the relocation of a screen from the side to the top. You can watch details as you puff which makes more sense than turning a mod around to look at it.

That round display up top is bright and cheerful against stainless steel or black. Batteries are held in place by a magnetic cover as is often the case these days; no more screws to deal with. Lots of electronic protection is provided by the chip.

Number Five: Wismec Reuleaux RX200S

The ergonomic shape of this Wismec device sets it apart as unique from all the rest. It’s like an iconic piece of architecture in a big city and finds its niche where nothing else will fit.

No other company has created quite the youthful look or convenient style of this Wismec mod.

It features TCR, TC, and VW mods for use with Nickel 200, stainless steel, Titanium, and regular coils.

Heat vents prevent the chip from having to deal with overheating issues although it will turn your mod off if it needs to cool down.

A big screen displays figures clearly from 1W to 200W, 0.05 ohms to 3.5 ohms, 200F to 600F, plus battery power and voltage.

Buy three batteries to run the system and recharge via USB. Buy six batteries if you want to swap them over.

ELeaf IStick 30W

If it doesn’t sound odd referring to a box mod as “slender,” the eLeaf iStick could be described thus. I love its shiny metallic exterior and attractive shape designed to accept 22-mm atomizers at its stainless steel threading head.

In fact, I just like the look of this mod, period. Liken it to a slim cigarette lighter (more Bic than Zippo, but classier than either one) or a tiny LED flashlight.

ELeaf iStick 30W Resumé

China’s eLeaf brand has given their mod a range of colors: blue, black, red, and silver. They provide disco-like flare or modern glamour.

Accessorize an outfit and any event with a color to match. Since the iStick is inexpensive to own, you could have one of each color to accommodate whatever outfit goes well with the day.

Switch through voltage from 2 to 8 volts. Select from 5 to 30 watts. Your 2200-mAh battery powers a chip to detect resistance so that whatever watt rating is chosen, the iStick adjusts volts according to ohms.

The lowest resistance the iStick will manage safely is 0.4. Getting the volt-to-ohms ratio correct has proven tricky for many consumers over the years, which is one reason variable watt mods have caught on: vapers do not have to read charts showing ideal ratios between resistance and volts. The process is automatic.

Battery power should last two to five hours. With the USB port located on the bottom, it’s possible to leave the battery inside and vape while connected to a USB power outlet like your TV gaming device, a thoughtful characteristic of eLeaf’s design and one which is not standard but optional among makers of VW mods.

Buttoned Up

The eLeaf iStick is button-controlled with two arrow keys for raising or lowering volts/watts and one square button to turn on the whole show.

Your OLED screen is situated between these buttons and displays figures brightly, thanks to an upgraded internal chip (the previous version was an iLeaf 20W).

Add an Accessory

eLeaf recommends attaching a particular tank atomizer to the top of your iLeaf: an eLeaf Melo.

This is a 0.5, 30W tank fitted with organic cotton and measuring 3.5 ml. Airflow control is also a feature of the tank which measures 22.3 by 67.3 mm.

ELeaf designed it specifically for the iStick and it fits beautifully. Several other tanks would suit the same purpose without adding too much bulk such as the Kanger Sub-Tank Nano or Mini. They can be set up with 0.5-ohm coils and also contain Japanese Organic Cotton.

Other Mid-Range Choices

The eLeaf is possibly your best source of enjoyment in this category, but eLeaf has competition. Smok, Kanger, and others have released excellent 20W and 30W mods too. Innokin’s latest MVP goes as high as 20W. If I had to choose, however, the iStick is aesthetically the most pleasing of them all.

E Liquid Lessons

A good thing to remember is that when you are vaping at high watts, you really taste your juice for good or bad. Organic cotton coils and glass tanks allow vapers to experience the true nature of flavor and all of its levels (or lack of levels).

When you switch from low-watt to moderately high-watt vaping it’s likely your taste in e juice will also change. Prepare yourself for the greater expense of excellent liquids by brands like Charlie Noble, Five Pawns, and Ruckus.

You won’t be returning to cheap liquid again, and vaping could become as expensive as smoking ever was, but it will still be healthier. Besides, when everything tastes so good and pure, vaping will be a gourmet pleasure worth talking about the way wine and cheese are worthy topics among oenophiles and gourmets.

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Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC

If you are looking to get into vaping, or you are just looking for a new rig, you really can’t go wrong by choosing an Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC.

This particular box mod is one that can be had for a relatively low price. Despite that fact, you will still be able to keep using the thing over and over again and know that it is going to work whenever you pull it out to use it.

This kind of box is one that is small and easy to grip in the palm of your hand, but has the right kind of charge to keep going when you are feeling the need for a little refreshment.

You will be able to go wherever you want and you will know that you have the thing that can help get you through the day and give you lots of satisfaction and comfort.

These have a small battery, but there is certainly enough charge there to allow you to get what you want when you are wanting to do a little vaping. Because this kind of thing is allowed in most public places, you can know that when you go to your pocket you will be able to have this sitting there with plenty of room to spare.

The best part is that there are plenty of different appearances for this particular box which means you can show off your own personality rather easily. If you want to flaunt the love of a certain team, you can do that rather easily.

If you just want to show off a color that you have labeled as “your favorite” then you can do that as well. There are all kinds of different choices you can make when you pick one of the Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC mod boxes. You’ll know which one you want when you see it.

Innokin SmartBox iSub V Starter Kit

If you are looking for a modthat does not only offer impressive performance, but is also cheap, then you may want to consider the Smartbox and iSub V vaping kit.

This Smartbox is unique and well-suited to serve you and it comes with the popular iSub V tank. What sets this kit apart from other similar ones is the fact that it offers direct lung and mouth to lung options, and an easy and fuss free vaping experience.

What the Smartbox does to make this possible is it detects atomizer resistance intelligently, therefore, regulating the power output accordingly. The Smartbox can also detect whether the coil resistance is optimal for a direct lung hit or a mouth to lung hit.

All these are displayed by an LED light. This product has a USB charging port, uses a single removable 18650 battery, and comes with the iSub V tank in the package.
Below are the specifications and what to expect with the Innokin Smartbox:

– It has protection against reverse battery polarity.

– It is able to regulate the power output by intelligently reading the coil resistance.

– Has short circuit protection.

– Appeals to direct lung and mouth to lung vapers.

– An iSub V tank and Smartbox mod are included in the package.

– Has protection against low voltage.

– Features a leak resistant design.

– Has a drip tip that is replaceable.

– Reads and fires resistance of between 0.35-3.5 ohm.

– Has battery venting holes to prevent accumulation of gases when the battery is being charged or in use.

– No slip coil swap system.

– It features iSub compatibility.

– Has a capacity of 2ml.

– Has a spring loaded 510 connector.

– Its airflow is large and adjustable.

– Has a 15 seconds cut off.

– Has a maximum power output of 45 W.

– Uses a maximum voltage of 4.2 V.

– Uses a maximum current of 10 amps.

The design of this Smart Box is thoughtful and stylish and its performance is impressive. Therefore, if you are looking for a kit that is both cheap and easy to use and also offers seriously impressive performance, then the Innokin Smartbox is the vaping kit for you.

Top 10 Cheap Vape Mods Of 2016

It doesn’t cost much to buy a decent mod — a vaporizer providing powerful output and the opportunity to vape at your full potential. Paying more will buy you more watts and sometimes a collectible device or a CNC-machined article from the United States.

Less than $60, however, is all you need to purchase an advanced tube or box mod from a well-known Chinese manufacturer such as Eleaf or Kanger. Usually, the setup is for a mod only: no tank, and sometimes no battery either, but you soon discover what you’re looking for.

These are my top 10 cheap vape mods:

1. The Kanger KBOX Mod

Vapers already knew Kanger as the maker of a top series of tanks and the well-liked EVOD, but the KBox was Kanger`s first mod. Although you can buy a 200W Kanger device these days and lots of stylish starter kits, those are not as cheap as their 40W original which works with 18650 batteries and is a light, portable product with a sturdy exterior.

It is unusual, I know, but wattage variation is set at roughly 5W intervals. A battery level light tells you when to recharge the battery and you can attach any 510-threaded tank like the Kanger Aerotank or a Nautilus by Aspire: both excellent low-resistance tanks.

2. Eleaf iStick 20W

Eleaf’s attractive, tiny mod provides up to 20 watts of power or 5.5V with a 2200-mAh built-in cell. Charge it via the USB port found on its frame for pass-through vaping while you recharge the battery. An OLED display indicates when to recharge, shows you volts and watts, and provides safety alerts such as “low-power.”

You are protected against a short circuit and low voltage but should only be using 1- to 3-ohm coils in order to prevent a short. A smart chip inside these types of devices creates limits to power and resistance and won’t accept anything outside of those boundaries.

3. Cloupor Mini 30W Box Mod

Switch between Variable Watt and Variable Voltage vaping with this 18650-powered box mod by Cloupor. A battery is not included which means you can replace the cell with a charged one.

That’s great for those tired of recharging via USB and having to either wait to vape or remain stuck at their desks, connected by a cord. Pass-through vaping is a possibility, not a necessity.

For your safety, this device cuts off power if you vape for longer than 15 seconds, so the mod doesn’t overheat. It also prevents damage if you put the battery in wrong way around.

The Cloupor Mini 30W mod contains a resistance meter and works safely with sub-ohm coils of 0.45 ohms or higher. Choose 3.6V to 7V or 7W to 30W with user-friendly controls and attach a tank such as the Aspire Atlantis or SMOK TCT.

4. The Aspire CF

Here is a sub ohm mod in the cylinder shape made by the manufacturer of some of the industry’s best tanks and clearomizers. This carbon fiber battery supports 0.3 ohms resistance or better with 2000 mAh of power.

Overcharge and over-discharge protection are built in along with short circuit defense and a battery light indication system in place of an expensive screen.

5. Eleaf iStick TC 60w

Eleaf does it again: they tend to feature in the “affordable” category over and over but consumers can still rely on their quality and safety. Use an 18650 battery to power this temperature control mod, one of the cheapest TC vape mods money can buy.

The top values are 60 Watts and 600F using 0.05- to 1.0-ohm Nickel 200 or Titanium coils on a 510-threaded tank like the Melo 2. In VW mode, you can achieve 0.15 ohms to 3 ohms with Kanthal wire.

6. The Innokin Cool Fire IV

There are several colors of Cool Fire IV available to customers who want a VV/VW system supporting 40W and 0.2 ohms.

Apparently, it’s the mod of choice among people in laboring or industrial professions because the Cool Fire IV is almost indestructible. A 2000-mAh cell is built into this mod which comes with various protective features.

7. The Joyetech eGo ONE

JoyeTech had to be on this list sooner or later and here they are with the tubular eGo One. Again, Joye spawns many copies with their thick, tough device capable of either 1100 mAh or 2200 mAh and measuring 19 mm in diameter.

The eGo One tank holds up to 1.8 ml of e juice and supports coils of 0.5 ohms or greater. It’s solid, simple, and steady.

8. Wismec Reuleaux RX200

You might not have been expecting such a power-house in the “cheap” list but here it is: Wismec’s excellent and stylish 200W TC vaporizer.

Select from 4 modes, one of them variable watts and the other TC variations related to coil material (stainless steel, titanium, or Nickel 200). With TC mode and up to 300C/600F, you can reach 0.05 ohms safely and comfortably on this well-protected device with safeguards against reverse polarity, overheating, and more.

The 0.69″ screen displays operating values in real time. Removable batteries are sold separately and held in place behind a magnetic door.

9. Innokin iTaste MVP20W

Innokin has developed a more powerful version of this device, but the 20W MVP is still an excellent unit and a multi-tasking machine at that. Use it to vape or to charge other items via USB like a Smartphone.

That’s handy if you are on the go but this is also a powerful vaporizer with the potential to provide 20W of power and plenty of clouds. Set output from a possible range of 6W to 20W or voltage between 3.3V and 7.5V. The puff counter enables vapers to keep track of their vaping activity with electronic cigarettes.

10. The Eleaf iStick 50W

Here we are again with Eleaf and their adorable, compact 50W unit. Don’t let their size fool you: iSticks are serious vaping devices and this one is among their most powerful offering 5W to 50W with a 4400-mAh built-in cell.

Select VW or VV (2 volts to 10 volts) and you can run a tank containing 0.2-ohm coils or higher. The Eleaf iStick 50W sets off a temperature alarm if it’s running hot.