Innokin SmartBox iSub V Starter Kit

If you are looking for a modthat does not only offer impressive performance, but is also cheap, then you may want to consider the Smartbox and iSub V vaping kit.

This Smartbox is unique and well-suited to serve you and it comes with the popular iSub V tank. What sets this kit apart from other similar ones is the fact that it offers direct lung and mouth to lung options, and an easy and fuss free vaping experience.

What the Smartbox does to make this possible is it detects atomizer resistance intelligently, therefore, regulating the power output accordingly. The Smartbox can also detect whether the coil resistance is optimal for a direct lung hit or a mouth to lung hit.

All these are displayed by an LED light. This product has a USB charging port, uses a single removable 18650 battery, and comes with the iSub V tank in the package.
Below are the specifications and what to expect with the Innokin Smartbox:

– It has protection against reverse battery polarity.

– It is able to regulate the power output by intelligently reading the coil resistance.

– Has short circuit protection.

– Appeals to direct lung and mouth to lung vapers.

– An iSub V tank and Smartbox mod are included in the package.

– Has protection against low voltage.

– Features a leak resistant design.

– Has a drip tip that is replaceable.

– Reads and fires resistance of between 0.35-3.5 ohm.

– Has battery venting holes to prevent accumulation of gases when the battery is being charged or in use.

– No slip coil swap system.

– It features iSub compatibility.

– Has a capacity of 2ml.

– Has a spring loaded 510 connector.

– Its airflow is large and adjustable.

– Has a 15 seconds cut off.

– Has a maximum power output of 45 W.

– Uses a maximum voltage of 4.2 V.

– Uses a maximum current of 10 amps.

The design of this Smart Box is thoughtful and stylish and its performance is impressive. Therefore, if you are looking for a kit that is both cheap and easy to use and also offers seriously impressive performance, then the Innokin Smartbox is the vaping kit for you.

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