ELeaf IStick 30W

If it doesn’t sound odd referring to a box mod as “slender,” the eLeaf iStick could be described thus. I love its shiny metallic exterior and attractive shape designed to accept 22-mm atomizers at its stainless steel threading head.

In fact, I just like the look of this mod, period. Liken it to a slim cigarette lighter (more Bic than Zippo, but classier than either one) or a tiny LED flashlight.

ELeaf iStick 30W Resumé

China’s eLeaf brand has given their mod a range of colors: blue, black, red, and silver. They provide disco-like flare or modern glamour.

Accessorize an outfit and any event with a color to match. Since the iStick is inexpensive to own, you could have one of each color to accommodate whatever outfit goes well with the day.

Switch through voltage from 2 to 8 volts. Select from 5 to 30 watts. Your 2200-mAh battery powers a chip to detect resistance so that whatever watt rating is chosen, the iStick adjusts volts according to ohms.

The lowest resistance the iStick will manage safely is 0.4. Getting the volt-to-ohms ratio correct has proven tricky for many consumers over the years, which is one reason variable watt mods have caught on: vapers do not have to read charts showing ideal ratios between resistance and volts. The process is automatic.

Battery power should last two to five hours. With the USB port located on the bottom, it’s possible to leave the battery inside and vape while connected to a USB power outlet like your TV gaming device, a thoughtful characteristic of eLeaf’s design and one which is not standard but optional among makers of VW mods.

Buttoned Up

The eLeaf iStick is button-controlled with two arrow keys for raising or lowering volts/watts and one square button to turn on the whole show.

Your OLED screen is situated between these buttons and displays figures brightly, thanks to an upgraded internal chip (the previous version was an iLeaf 20W).

Add an Accessory

eLeaf recommends attaching a particular tank atomizer to the top of your iLeaf: an eLeaf Melo.

This is a 0.5, 30W tank fitted with organic cotton and measuring 3.5 ml. Airflow control is also a feature of the tank which measures 22.3 by 67.3 mm.

ELeaf designed it specifically for the iStick and it fits beautifully. Several other tanks would suit the same purpose without adding too much bulk such as the Kanger Sub-Tank Nano or Mini. They can be set up with 0.5-ohm coils and also contain Japanese Organic Cotton.

Other Mid-Range Choices

The eLeaf is possibly your best source of enjoyment in this category, but eLeaf has competition. Smok, Kanger, and others have released excellent 20W and 30W mods too. Innokin’s latest MVP goes as high as 20W. If I had to choose, however, the iStick is aesthetically the most pleasing of them all.

E Liquid Lessons

A good thing to remember is that when you are vaping at high watts, you really taste your juice for good or bad. Organic cotton coils and glass tanks allow vapers to experience the true nature of flavor and all of its levels (or lack of levels).

When you switch from low-watt to moderately high-watt vaping it’s likely your taste in e juice will also change. Prepare yourself for the greater expense of excellent liquids by brands like Charlie Noble, Five Pawns, and Ruckus.

You won’t be returning to cheap liquid again, and vaping could become as expensive as smoking ever was, but it will still be healthier. Besides, when everything tastes so good and pure, vaping will be a gourmet pleasure worth talking about the way wine and cheese are worthy topics among oenophiles and gourmets.

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