Sigelei 100 Watt Box Mod

There are very few items to choose from in the 100 Watt box mod category. Sigelei and Pioneer4You make the two most prominent ones with the latter charging a little less depending on where you shop. Still, Sigelei has a bigger reputation than Pioneer4You, which is comforting to vapers. This Sigelei 100 Watt Box Mod Review might lead you to choose their product or not: the differences between them are minute while new mods are released monthly. It won’t be long before the catalogue expands.

Physical Differences

In particular, the buttons on Sigelei and Pioneer4You box mods differ. Pioneer4You uses domed buttons with a small surface area which look like they could be less comfortable to press than those on the Sigelei and less sensitive.

It’s a small point, but when you are paying over $100 for a device and using it every day, even small specifications matter. The on/off button on a Sigelei is big and differs from the up and down buttons to adjust wattage. They are smaller. With the Pioneer4You, there is no difference between button sizes.

Organized Operation

Along one narrow side you will see three buttons and a screen. The screen shows watts in big numbers (if anything this size can be referred to as big”). Watts are on the left while volts are stacked over ohms to the right, followed by a symbol for battery charge to the far right of the screen. This display has been used economically and is easy to read.

Priced Low

Sigelei manages to keep the cost of buying their 100 Watt device below $150 which is a miracle with a few $170 and even $200 mods on the market (many capable of just 30 or 50 watts). Chinese manufacturing is cheaper, of course, and there is a generic quality to the Sigelei’s appearance. This is reinforced when you examine the shape of an iPV3. They are very similar.

Choosing the Battery

It is suggested you insert 30Amp batteries, two of them at a time, which will power this high-tech device to its full. A 50 watt box will manage with one battery, but after that you are forced to stack. This is why 100 and 150 watt mods are sometimes referred to as dual 18650 mods. With this much power and high watt capability, you can manage very low resistance. But it is necessary to build coils below 0.33 ohms to enjoy the 50- to 100-watt range. To ensure you can do this, the Sigelei 100 watt accepts ohms down to 0.15.

Detection Duty

How does your device know when it has reached the necessary ohms to switch into high-watt gear?

Your Sigelei 100 watt, like most box mods, has a built-in chip; firmware in other words. With this upgradeable chip, your mod can detect ohms and use that reading to set voltage according to your preferred wattage. Ohms multiplied by volts equals watts, so to make sure your device is functioning properly the box mod performs algebra: x=watts divided by ohms. If this was a VV e cig, you would have to coordinate ohms and volts yourself.

This chip protects your hardware against damage potentially caused by putting your battery in the opposite way around. Slender vents in the case around the batteries prevent the inside from getting too hot, although overheating can also occur if you press the button too long to vape. In this case, your device will let you know there’s trouble.

Fitting a Tank

The threading accepts 510 tanks and RDAs. Although RBAs (regular rebuildable tank atomizers) work fine, you are in the ideal situation to start using a dripper. Sub-ohms make cloud chasing easier than ever so you will be drawn to RDAs.