Vapros I-Energy

In recent months, Vision has been marketing a new line of products for their consumers who have graduated from Spinner VV batteries to something more powerful. They include the Nunchaku VW battery (18W), the iBox mod (25W), and the V-Spot Atomizer for low-watt vaping with a replaceable vertical dual coil.

As always, these products remain affordable. There are two kits: the 1299 and the Vapros I-Energy which we will be looking at here.

Vision Vapros I-Energy Kit

You might have already heard of the 1299 Kit; a complete e cigarette with a 1650-mAh battery and a 5-ml tank for around $60. Vision’s I-Energy kit looks a bit different and is not quite as powerful at 1600 mAh. That is not a significant difference, however, so you can compare them fairly closely.

An I-Energy e cig is wider, like a mechanical mod: 22 mm. It is fairly long too although not as long as the 1299 when the two parts are combined. Vision reports that the I-Energy battery is 83 mm long while the clearomizer measures 66.8 mm.

It will be noticeable in your hand with a 3.5-ml tank in classy colors like black, steel, or coffee. The idea of a coffee-colored battery strikes me as sophisticated in the extreme; a huge change from their graffiti-style Nunchaku.

You can tell that Vision is aware their audience is wide. While people who do not understand the industry mistake vapers for Hell’s Angels with cobra tattoos or drug addicts puffing on LSD, the reality is they come from all walks of life. Those include the boardroom, the staffroom, and the living room.

More Specs

This is a 1.8-ohm device for low resistance vaping, not sub-ohm clouds. The battery is rated at 4.3V. You charge the I-Energy via a port situated at the very bottom next to a series of little holes that vent the battery whereas the 1299 battery port is located along the side.

With airflow control valve on the I-Energy, the vaper is able to adjust the resistance of his inhalation.

The Power Button

You might think a power button can’t differ from model to model, but it can and it does. An Evod button is flat with the battery’s exterior. Ego buttons are raised. The I-Energy power button takes both roads: raised around the edges but depressed in the center to accept the shape of your finger.

Diagonal Drip Tip

This is not the first time you’ve seen a diagonal glass drip tip and it won’t be the last.

Glass and steel create a clean, subdued appearance. If crisp isn’t your “vision” for vaping and you want more color, there are cowboys, bunny rabbits, skulls, and other drip tips available.

Face it: you didn’t buy an I-Energy to make a spectacle of yourself or your e cig. Buy a brightly colored iStick, Hana Modz DNA 40, or the Nunchaku if that’s what you want. Halo’s Triton series comes in numerous colors. This Vapros device is all about class.

More from Vision

The iNow is another Vision e cig rated 2000 mAh and capable of reaching 40W. For sub-ohm vapers, the lowest resistance is amazing: 0.2 ohms. This $25 battery could rival the Aspire CF and measures just 94 mm by 21 mm. Choose black, stainless, or white.

Nunchaku batteries cost around $35 and provide 18W for 0.4 ohm vaping. This is the colorful series sold in shades like pink, blue, and skull.

Their iBox is a 25W mod resembling an old-fashioned transistor radio. Instead of clinical aluminum or steel, you get black covered in lines and fronted by a big adjustable dial.

In place of a regular set of power buttons, there is a sliding power button for turning the device on and off and you use the dial to select volts or watts. With a V-Spot Atomizer, you can run it at low ohms (not sub-ohm). With an Aspire Atlantis attached, the iBox is good for 0.5 ohms.